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Asker echo5charlie Asks:
in your photo "Structures seminar with Thaddeus online" what kind of stylus is that? every single one I've seen for iPads are bubbled and ridiculous.
architectslike architectslike Said:

The stylus is the “Jot Touch” by Adonit. They carry several different versions, but each one has a clear tip so you can easily see where you are writing. I’ve found the accuracy to be very good, and I’d recommend it.

You can get one via my amazon link below, or watch a video review I did of an earlier model to see how it works. They have options ranging from $30 to $90, with features like pressure sensitivity, stylus+ink pen, or plain stylus. Check the description on the pressure sensitive options, as they have different generations that are compatible with various devices.Ā

Happy (digital) drawing!

Residences in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). See more pictures and read about architravels to the Middle East via the link.



The view from Hancock observatory #chicago